Vegan Review: Viapino (Disneyland Paris)

Viapino is a chain and you can find them in the UK, so it’s not a great Disney tradition or anything, but it is the only place in Disneyland Paris that has marked vegan options, so that was good enough for me.

That said the vegan options aren’t massively inspiring. You can have the pasta without the cheese on top or the pizza without the cheese on top. You get the picture. I wanted the bruschetta to start so I went over to the station for that. There was only one man working the station and he wasn’t working terribly quickly. I was waiting behind two people and not going anywhere. So I switched to the pasta station, coming back for the bruschetta after I’d finished that. I waited ages again but finally got my bruschetta. It was good but hardly worth the line.

The pasta line was just as chaotic but with more people working it they managed to get me served pretty quickly. I got the arrabbiatta sauce and was asked if I wanted it spicy. Which I did. It was not spicy. In fact I found that everything that promised to be spicy in Disneyland Paris was barely touched by a chilli. It was delicious, but more as a tomato sauce.

I enjoyed the food. Simple but fresh and hearty. Getting everything was a little stressful though. I’d probably try to go back at a quieter time. That’s the Disneyland Paris location though. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to any of the UK locations. Not when even places like Pizza Hut serve vegan cheese now. In fact that’s exactly where we stopped on the way home.

Vegan Review: Agrabah Cafe (Disneyland Paris)

Agrabah Cafe is named after the fictional city that is, of course, home to Aladdin. As such it serves Middle Eastern inspired food. Including about four varieties of hummus. So it was the first place that I booked. I knew I’d at least get to eat that.

I can’t overstate how incredible beautiful Disneyland Paris is. If you’ve been to Disney World you’ve seen how well themed it is but Disneyland Paris takes it up a notch. Agrabah Cafe is a series of small dining rooms that are themed like a bazaar complete with tantalising entrances to shops that… don’t actually exist. It’s like a fairytale.

I went crazy here. Mostly with the salads. Though there are some great vegetable dishes with the mains, especially the French beans which were fresh and perfect in a way you don’t expect a vegetable on a buffet could ever be. Also, once again, I think I ate my weight in olives.

Vegans: Agrabah Cafe is the place to eat. Great food and the theming is beyond amazing.

Vegan Review: Billy Bobs (Disneyland Paris)

Billy Bobs is in Disney Village. In fact we heard it advertised on Disney Village ‘radio’ when we were browsing the shops. It called it the largest Texan-themed buffet in Europe. Which may well be true, it’s pretty big, but is there some sort of official contest for that? Anyway. My Dad loves Tex Mex so I knew it would be a hit with him and I figured I could always snack on a few tortilla chips and maybe a bit of lettuce so we rocked up, ordered a few cokes and went to the buffet.

Oh yeah. I ate a lot of nachos. Aside from the tortilla chips, veggie chilli, guac and salsa pictured here there was also an assortment of salads and some other vegetable dishes. One plate made up was a ‘salad’ that was like 50% olives with a topping of cornichons. Vegetables too. But mostly olives. For desert there is a tonne of fruit to choose from and ice lollies which I think are probably for children but Kelsie was eating gummies for I have no shame.

Billy Bob’s, the largest Texas-style buffet in Europe, has a surprising number of options for vegans. And I would recommend a visit. It was, to my surprise, one of the best meals I had in Disneyland Paris.

Review: Captain Jack’s (Disneyland Paris)

Captain Jack’s is a a gorgeous, beautifully themed restaurant that sits along the track for Pirates of the Caribbean. It is however not well lit so please excuse the photos here.

I was very excited to learn that there was a souvenir cup on offer here. Two in fact. One styled like bamboo the other like a coconut. I got the bamboo with my mocktail inside. They actually don’t serve your drink in the one you take home, you get a clean one in a box. They’re good quality and really cool so if you’re a souvenir mug collector put Captain Jack’s on your must visit list.

Okay, so that’s the lighting and the drinks containers sorted: on with the food. There are three courses available here but I only had the main: Vegetable Curry, Plantain Banana and Captain’s Rice. Plantain is one of my all time favourite foods and I got two nice big chunks on top. That was the highlight of the dish. The curry itself was nice, pleasant, coconutty, inoffensive. And god, I wish there was some chilli sauce to go with it! It was just a little too restrained.

That said I’d still recommend eating here. For one thing vegan options are thin on the ground in Disneyland Paris but also the theming is absolutely stunning.

Review: Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris, Vegan Kitchen (Disneyland Paris)

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris is scheduled to be in Walt Disney Studios Park until the 13th October, so not much time to grab the grub, but hopefully it will be back next year. There are regional French stalls, stalls representing European cuisines and, my favourite, the Vegan Kitchen stall. I went for one of everything they had.

On the top there is a dhal which I really enjoyed. Judging by pictures and descriptions on Instagram it can be rather changeable. Mine was well spiced with the lentils not entirely broken down but other people seem to have had more of a liquid dhal and there are reports of it being bland. I really enjoyed mine though.

The Buddha bowl I did think was bland. The tiny cup of vinaigrette didn’t add much flavour to the veggies and grains. I wouldn’t do this one again.

The falafel… well perhaps I’m basing this on the fact that my breakfast that day was bread and my tea the night before was the worst fries I’d had on the entire trip (Casey’s, for the record — soggy mess) but it was really good falafel. I loved it.

Personally I recommend the falafel and dhal, skip the Buddha bowl and find the truck selling French fries round the corner instead. You won’t regret it.

Reveiw: Annette’s Diner (Disneyland Paris)

So let’s talk about how I accidentally ordered something non-vegan so you can learn from my mistakes.

After we checked in we were really hungry and headed into Disney Village for some food. I knew some of the places where I could eat but my Dad and Kelsie took one look at Annette’s and wouldn’t be persuaded into anything but a burger.

I did a quick google and the internet told me that I could have the soya burger without the cheese and slaw. That’s what I ordered. What didn’t occur to me, until I was going through the pictures later, was that the bun was awfully shiny. Yes, it had an egg wash.


The rest of the burger was great. It had giant slabs of well cooked veggies and was served with some amazing fries. In fact we ate a lot of really good fries on this trip. Must be the proximity to Belgium. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to eat here again, not unless they got a vegan bun, but I wouldn’t mind going if Kelsie and my Dad wanted to. Or get some take away fries.

Vegan in Disneyland Paris

Even though Disney World is our usual hangout we — we being my Dad, my cousin Kelsie, and me — decided to go to Disneyland Paris. For the first time. So much like I did when we went to Disney World, I’m going to tell you all about eating vegan there.

How Easy is it to Eat Vegan in Disneyland Paris?

Well you’ll eat. Maybe not what you want or when you want but you won’t starve.

There’s also a culture/language issue which means that you might not be able to ask the questions you want and if you manage to ask you might not get the right answers. I’ve found Vegan Disney Paris absolutely invaluable for telling me what I can eat. And very gently telling me when I accidentally ate egg.

The other issue I had was with closing times. We went to Disneyland about 6pm and one of the places that I knew had vegan options was closed and a second place was sold out, so I had to make do with French fries. my advice there is to check, check again, never assume, and check one more time.

Tell Me About Your Trip

I once again travelled with my Dad and cousin Kelsie. It was also the first trip of Kelsie’s bump who, for the moment, is called Bruce.

We stayed four nights at Davy Crockett’s Ranch. There is a kitchen in the cabins but there isn’t a large amount of vegan food in the shop, although I did get pasta and tomato sauce and olives and lotus spread. I wish I’d have bought with me some vegan butter, cheese and some Tofurky slices but that’s something to remember for next time.

Did you have some sort of meal plan?

We had two meals a day: a continental style breakfast and a buffet meal. The price of the buffet could be taken from a sit down meal which gives you a bit more flexibility.

We had a bit of an issue getting breakfast. We were told we could pick it up from the main area or book it to pick up from a hutch by the cabins the next morning. Turns out that you could just pick it up from cabin. We could also get it from Starbucks, which was closed unexpectedly, and New York Style Sandwiches which was open, happily.

This is the breakfast for all three of us. The bread, jam, orange juice, cereal bars and apple sauce were all vegan. As is tea, when it’s served black. Which is the only way to drink it.

Kelsie happily ate my croissant and Nutella for me but if you’re not travelling with convenient non vegans then you can ask for it without.

As for our other meals… well that will be another entry.