Vegan Review: Agrabah Cafe (Disneyland Paris)

Agrabah Cafe is named after the fictional city that is, of course, home to Aladdin. As such it serves Middle Eastern inspired food. Including about four varieties of hummus. So it was the first place that I booked. I knew I’d at least get to eat that.

I can’t overstate how incredible beautiful Disneyland Paris is. If you’ve been to Disney World you’ve seen how well themed it is but Disneyland Paris takes it up a notch. Agrabah Cafe is a series of small dining rooms that are themed like a bazaar complete with tantalising entrances to shops that… don’t actually exist. It’s like a fairytale.

I went crazy here. Mostly with the salads. Though there are some great vegetable dishes with the mains, especially the French beans which were fresh and perfect in a way you don’t expect a vegetable on a buffet could ever be. Also, once again, I think I ate my weight in olives.

Vegans: Agrabah Cafe is the place to eat. Great food and the theming is beyond amazing.

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