Vegan Review: Billy Bobs (Disneyland Paris)

Billy Bobs is in Disney Village. In fact we heard it advertised on Disney Village ‘radio’ when we were browsing the shops. It called it the largest Texan-themed buffet in Europe. Which may well be true, it’s pretty big, but is there some sort of official contest for that? Anyway. My Dad loves Tex Mex so I knew it would be a hit with him and I figured I could always snack on a few tortilla chips and maybe a bit of lettuce so we rocked up, ordered a few cokes and went to the buffet.

Oh yeah. I ate a lot of nachos. Aside from the tortilla chips, veggie chilli, guac and salsa pictured here there was also an assortment of salads and some other vegetable dishes. One plate made up was a ‘salad’ that was like 50% olives with a topping of cornichons. Vegetables too. But mostly olives. For desert there is a tonne of fruit to choose from and ice lollies which I think are probably for children but Kelsie was eating gummies for I have no shame.

Billy Bob’s, the largest Texas-style buffet in Europe, has a surprising number of options for vegans. And I would recommend a visit. It was, to my surprise, one of the best meals I had in Disneyland Paris.

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