Review: KFC Original Recipe Vegan Burger

I actually tried this on the day it came out but it’s taken me a while to write it up. Why? Well my thoughts about it are complicated. KFC is obviously responsible for the death of a lot of chickens. If I spend money there am I supporting that slaughter? If I buy the vegan burger will I be encouraging them towards a plant-based business model? Or are they just going to use my money to increase their reach and sell meat to more people?


Honestly I can’t answer any of those questions. Spending money with KFC is probably not the most ethical choice to make but there are upsides. A big one for me is that I can just go out and eat like a normal person. Or, rather, that I can be seen to eat like a normal person. When I’m out with my little cousins and they want KFC I can eat with them. That’s a huge positive for both me as a person and the reputation of veganism. I’m not sneaking off to the far corner of the food court any more to get that one vegan option. I can eat something that looks like what they are eating. When they grow up and are choosing their own diet things like the KFC vegan burger will make veganism seem not just possible, but easy. Something you can do while hanging around with your mates.


Ethical questions aside, how is the taste? It is shockingly good. I was expecting something like a supermarket chicken burger but this is far beyond that. It’s honestly the closest thing to a chicken I’ve eaten since… well, chicken. The texture is something else. It’s got a moist, tenderness to it that is spot on. Not soggy or wet like bad mock meats can get. Perfect. The coating is its famous fabulous self and I can’t fault it. My only minor quibble is that it comes with vegan mayo and sad iceberg. In my KFC eating days I was a big fan of the zinger tower and I’d love to see a vegan version of that. I’d also like to see vegan fries; at the moment they’re cooked in the same oil as the popcorn chicken. My solution to this would be to make the popcorn chicken vegan. A girl can dream.

Vegan MoFo 2019: Hearty breakfast

Last year I made a bacon sandwich so this year I thought I’d make another one. Only up my game a bit. To start with I made my own rolls. These are pretzel style burger buns from Vegan 100 which are pretty yummy if not entirely pretzely. I also made my own seitan bacon!

This recipe was recommended to me on Twitter and I went for it purely because it didn’t feature a fake vegan rind. Because being forced to eat bacon rind as a kid still traumatises me. It’s delicious but I would have liked a less soft and chewy texture. Still it was a fabulous sandwich.

Vegan Mofo 2019: Inspired by Your Favourite Show

Jane the Virgin started in 2014 and Kate watched her very first episode in… last week. She started watching it last week. And not because I was watching it and she trusts my excellent taste but because someone she admires on Twitter likes it. I’ve been watching it all this time and she hasn’t cared one bit.

But I’m not bitter.

She is absolutely obsessed now though and thought that we should make a grilled cheese for this prompt. Jane’s recipe is, of course, one-third white cheddar, one-third yellow cheddar, and one-third grated American cheese. That’s not going to work for Vegan Mofo so behold my thoughts on the vegan grilled cheese.

The Cheese

Follow Your Heart Shreds, Cheddar. Or Daiya, Cheddar Style, grated. Grated will melt easier and melting the cheese really improves the taste.

The Bread

Seeded multigrain or white. Either way it should come in a bag from a supermarket.

The Cooking 

Heat the pan, high heat. Butter the bread both sides and place them both in the pan. When the downwards facing side is browned flip one side, pop the cheese on and put the other side on top, brown side facing the cheese.when the bottom is browned flip over and cook until the bottom is browned and the cheese is melted. Cut diagonally because everything tastes better in triangles.