Pasta Factory: Vegan Mofo, the final day.

Rather than cook something spooky I went out to eat for the last day of vegan mofo. I went back into Manchester to check out the amazing vegan options at The Pasta Factory. I know you’re probably confused about what The Pasta Factory serves, so I’ll let you in on the secret. It’s mostly pasta. Delicious, amazing home made pasta. But first for the Antipasti. 

I wasn’t actually going to order anything but the pasta. I couldn’t really resist this one though. Look at it! They make that cheese themselves. It’s brilliant. I can’t forget to mention those crackers, they are also homemade and really flavourful which goes great with the more neutral tasting cheese. 

Bucatini was my Pasta of choice, dyed playfully green from spinach and covered in tomato basil sauce. It was just perfect. Incredibly tasty. Very filling. And a great end to both Vegan Month of Food and my trip to Manchester.

History – Vegan Mofo Day 29

I was going to post something suitably profound today as we’ve been challenged to come up with a meal to serve our favourite historical figure. I couldn’t actually think of a historical figure that I’d want to cook for and anyway I’m not in my own kitchen right now. Instead I’m going to tell you about a fake historical figure, based on a tram stop, named after a school, named after a real historical figure none of which has any relevance to the food I’m going to show you.

Abraham Moss, founding father of the Metrolink

Nine years ago I was living at my Dad’s, near Bury, and Kate was living in Torquay. When she came to visit I met her at Piccadilly station and we got the tram into Bury.

“Did you know,” I said, in my best believe me I’m adorable voice, “Abraham Moss was the man who invented trams? That’s why they named a Metrolink stop after him.”

“Really?” Replied Kate

“No, don’t be daft, I’m just kidding.”

And that’s how Kate first learned the concept of affectionate teasing, a favourite Northern pastime. Abraham Moss is named after the school which is named after a former Lord Mayor of Manchester.

Real Food 

I’m staying at my Dad’s right now so I’m taking the same team route in and out of Manchester for visits and shopping and food. On Friday I popped into Manchester to try a pie from Pie and Ale. They have three different vegan pies available and they’ve been making my mouth water all over instagram. I went for the Hosin Butternut Squash Pie with wedges on top rather than mash. The pie was lovely, the hosin went really well with the gravy. The pastry was incredible.

The service was great too. When I ordered I was asked if I was vegan. I said yes and was warned that the mushrooms in my pie had a really meaty texture but not to worry because it’s 100% vegan. I thought that was lovely.  As I’ve still got two more pies to try I’ll have to go back for another visit.

Brunch: Vegan Mofo Day 28

I don’t really brunch. Don’t get me wrong I love brunch food and Vegan Brunch is one of my favourite cookbooks but I very rarely eat brunch. I do however indulge in the great British tradition of the All Day Breakfast.

The All Day Breakfast – in all of the caps – is exactly what it sounds like. The deliciousness of breakfast at any point of the day you choose. I got this one from the one from Manchester Vegan Cafe and Wellbeing Centre where it’s currently a special but they have no plans to take it off the menu. The breakfast itself was great, the service was absolutely lovely and my breakfast and a drink cost just over a fiver. Awesome.

Cook For Your Best Friend: Vegan Mofo Day 25

We actually had some of our best friends over last night for a vegan food and make up night so this prompt comes with incredibly good timing. Also the nails that I’m typing this post with look fabulous.

Arroz Con Seitan

I like to use people coming over as an excuse to cook something I can’t ordinarily get away with. I’ll cook something like cannelloni which would otherwise be too elaborate or something that Kate doesn’t like but comes in too large a serving to manage by myself. Arroz Con Seitan from Viva Vegan fit the bill last night. As a handy bonus it also looks fabulous when you pull the lid off to reveal the olive and caper studded rice. As a cook you have to appreciate a dish that’s cooked in one pot but manages to incorporate so many flavors. Between the sofrito, the olives, the tomatoes… you’re just going to have a very happy tummy.

Taco Bar

But how to accommodate my very best of bestest friends? Well I know Kate likes the Chicken Taco filling made from Linda McCartney Pulled Chicken (the very first recipe on the blog!) So why not do a little bit of a taco bar too? We had shredded lettuce, avocado, sauces, and those cute little taco shell boat things because I saw them and thought they were adorable. Combined it all made a delicious, filling, flavourful meal.

Plate Full


Party: Vegan Mofo Day 24

Despite my claims about being an anti-social hermit we have actually had people over in the last few weeks. Mostly just to eat vegan food and play with clothes and make up. I like to have nibbles available when people come in.


I love the Lettuce Wraps with Hoison-Mustard Tofu from Appetite For Reduction however I hardly ever make them as a lettuce wrap. I use the flavourful tofu as one of the components or a bento box, toss it with noodles, use them to top a salad. In this instance I made them super fancy by making them into lettuce cups.

Fancy AF: Vegan Mofo Day 23

If you are coming round to our flat and I’m  making you something fancy this is what you are going to get: spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I’m not sure that it’s actually fancy. I don’t have much of a sense of what is fancy. It does have a lot of different steps and a lot of it I make by hand.


This isn’t Tesco ready meal cannelloni. For one thing it’s vegan. I make the ricotta myself, from nuts. I roll out the pasta in Kate’s parents old pasta machine, cook the sheets and stuff them with ricotta mix. Then homemade tomato sauce to top it all off. I feel fancy by the time it comes out of the oven. If a little hot, sweaty and covered in flour.

Unconventional Grains: Vegan Mofo Day 23

It worries me that this is the 3rd time I’ve brought up Ikea this mofo. I’m slightly obsessed. There’s furniture, fabrics, kitchenware and a suppringing amount of vegan food. Last time I was there I picked up this packet of grains and this is a perfect excuse to break them out and try them.

The packet promises a mix of grains – rye, wheat, barley, oats – flavoured with wild garlic, lemon, jalapeño and lingonberry. But you can read that on the bag, so what does it taste like? Well mostly grainy. I didn’t really pick up any of the flavourings over the nuttiness of the grains. I like lit but I could have done with a stronger taste of the wild garlic.

In future I’d serve this with a strong tasting slab of marinated tofu. Something with lots of chilli or covered in barbecue sauce. Throw in some greens and it’s would be a decent meal.