2019 Christmas Vegan Supermarket Food, Part 3

Our third and final Christmas supermarket wrap-up takes us to the freezer section of Tesco where we have some lovely snacks.

12 Chocolate & Hazelnut Mini Churros 


Tesco had these last year and they had sparkle glitter on them and didn’t taste quite as good. This year it’s less glittery. They’re very, very delicious and almost everyone is going to want one of these if you put them out on a buffet.

12 Bubble And Squeak Bites


Little rounds of potato are always good in my book. These are delicious but I could do without the carrots in them. I’m a bubble and squeak bite purest apparently.

Sticky Chilli Cauliflower Bites 


I’m not a great fan of pretending deep fried cauliflower is anything but a gross vegetable in batter but if you’re going to buy any of the supermarket’s versions of gross vegetable in batter buy this one. The sticky chilli coating is delicious.

And that it for us trying Christmas food. Until next December that is. Have a lovely couple of weeks, whatever you plan on eating.

2019 Christmas Vegan Supermarket Food, Part 2

It’s taken a while to get to part two of the post because it turns out that there is a maximum amount of calories you can eat in one day and we pushed past it. So here we go: festive supermarket food part two.

Sainsbury’s Vegan Take A Bao Selection (£4 for 12 pieces)


The one festive offering from Sainsbury’s that I’ve actually enjoyed eating.  The green water chestnut and chive was light and delicious. The mushroom char sui was my favourite, sweet and succulent. The orange bun is stuffed full of a striking and spicy massamam curry.

M&S Food Vegan Vegetable Snacking Selection (£5)


On to Marks and Spencer then. Clockwise from the top is cauliflower popcorn with a lovely coating (still tastes like cauliflower in the middle however) then we have some greasy, falling apart onion rings and some perfectly fine sweet potato wedges. In the middle is a fairly mild buffalo sauce. There’s nothing bad about any of these snacks and I think it would be a real crowd pleaser but you could find better and cheaper wedges and onion rings in most freezer sections though.

M&S Food Vegan Chinese Snack Selection (£5 for 12 pieces)


I think this might have been my favourite of all the snack selections. The sweet and sour parcels are a winner and there is enough flavour and crunch in the noodle wrapped snacks to keep everyone happy.

So three snack packs there that I wouldn’t object to being served. Which is high praise as far as Christmas food is concerned. Next up, hopefully on Friday, we’ll be sampling snacks from Tesco.

2019 Christmas Vegan Supermarket Food

Excited vegans and our well-meaning friends and relatives are turning towards the supermarket shelves to feed us through the festive season. We tried three of the new festive offerings from Sainsbury’s so you don’t have to.

Vegan Butternut Squash and Chickpea Wellington (£2.50)


This Butternut and Chickpea Wellington has a small layer of cranberry running down the middle. Which is good because it’s the only bit that tastes good. As a whole it’s over-sweet, too mushy, and just disappointing.

We do not recommend adding this one to you Christmas dinner.

Vegan Shroompups in Blankets (£3.00)


You’re going to be in love with the smell of these cooking, and the bacon is top-notch. Unfortunately the shroomdog lets it all down. You can see little flecks of herbs and spices in them but they taste like the stems of button mushrooms. It’s really disappointing.

We’ve been buying V Bites pups in blankets the last few years and we’re probably going to get them again. These are bad.

Loaded BBQ Jackfruit Rostis (£3.00)


Let’s just get it out of the way now: these are also not good. The rosti itself is nice. Honestly I’d be happy with a whole bowl full of those, but the BBQ Jackfruit? Well the sauce lists Granulated Sugar as its largest ingredient and then says it also has Glucose Syrup, Cane Molasses and Caramelised Sugar Syrup. Seemingly all this was added without any skill in balancing flavours because all you’re going to get off these is sweet.

Another would not buy for us.

Sorry Sainsbury’s. Better luck next year.