2019 Christmas Vegan Supermarket Food, Part 3

Our third and final Christmas supermarket wrap-up takes us to the freezer section of Tesco where we have some lovely snacks.

12 Chocolate & Hazelnut Mini Churros 


Tesco had these last year and they had sparkle glitter on them and didn’t taste quite as good. This year it’s less glittery. They’re very, very delicious and almost everyone is going to want one of these if you put them out on a buffet.

12 Bubble And Squeak Bites


Little rounds of potato are always good in my book. These are delicious but I could do without the carrots in them. I’m a bubble and squeak bite purest apparently.

Sticky Chilli Cauliflower Bites 


I’m not a great fan of pretending deep fried cauliflower is anything but a gross vegetable in batter but if you’re going to buy any of the supermarket’s versions of gross vegetable in batter buy this one. The sticky chilli coating is delicious.

And that it for us trying Christmas food. Until next December that is. Have a lovely couple of weeks, whatever you plan on eating.

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