2019 Christmas Vegan Supermarket Food, Part 2

It’s taken a while to get to part two of the post because it turns out that there is a maximum amount of calories you can eat in one day and we pushed past it. So here we go: festive supermarket food part two.

Sainsbury’s Vegan Take A Bao Selection (£4 for 12 pieces)


The one festive offering from Sainsbury’s that I’ve actually enjoyed eating.  The green water chestnut and chive was light and delicious. The mushroom char sui was my favourite, sweet and succulent. The orange bun is stuffed full of a striking and spicy massamam curry.

M&S Food Vegan Vegetable Snacking Selection (£5)


On to Marks and Spencer then. Clockwise from the top is cauliflower popcorn with a lovely coating (still tastes like cauliflower in the middle however) then we have some greasy, falling apart onion rings and some perfectly fine sweet potato wedges. In the middle is a fairly mild buffalo sauce. There’s nothing bad about any of these snacks and I think it would be a real crowd pleaser but you could find better and cheaper wedges and onion rings in most freezer sections though.

M&S Food Vegan Chinese Snack Selection (£5 for 12 pieces)


I think this might have been my favourite of all the snack selections. The sweet and sour parcels are a winner and there is enough flavour and crunch in the noodle wrapped snacks to keep everyone happy.

So three snack packs there that I wouldn’t object to being served. Which is high praise as far as Christmas food is concerned. Next up, hopefully on Friday, we’ll be sampling snacks from Tesco.

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