Review: Captain Jack’s (Disneyland Paris)

Captain Jack’s is a a gorgeous, beautifully themed restaurant that sits along the track for Pirates of the Caribbean. It is however not well lit so please excuse the photos here.

I was very excited to learn that there was a souvenir cup on offer here. Two in fact. One styled like bamboo the other like a coconut. I got the bamboo with my mocktail inside. They actually don’t serve your drink in the one you take home, you get a clean one in a box. They’re good quality and really cool so if you’re a souvenir mug collector put Captain Jack’s on your must visit list.

Okay, so that’s the lighting and the drinks containers sorted: on with the food. There are three courses available here but I only had the main: Vegetable Curry, Plantain Banana and Captain’s Rice. Plantain is one of my all time favourite foods and I got two nice big chunks on top. That was the highlight of the dish. The curry itself was nice, pleasant, coconutty, inoffensive. And god, I wish there was some chilli sauce to go with it! It was just a little too restrained.

That said I’d still recommend eating here. For one thing vegan options are thin on the ground in Disneyland Paris but also the theming is absolutely stunning.

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