Review: Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris, Vegan Kitchen (Disneyland Paris)

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand de Disneyland Paris is scheduled to be in Walt Disney Studios Park until the 13th October, so not much time to grab the grub, but hopefully it will be back next year. There are regional French stalls, stalls representing European cuisines and, my favourite, the Vegan Kitchen stall. I went for one of everything they had.

On the top there is a dhal which I really enjoyed. Judging by pictures and descriptions on Instagram it can be rather changeable. Mine was well spiced with the lentils not entirely broken down but other people seem to have had more of a liquid dhal and there are reports of it being bland. I really enjoyed mine though.

The Buddha bowl I did think was bland. The tiny cup of vinaigrette didn’t add much flavour to the veggies and grains. I wouldn’t do this one again.

The falafel… well perhaps I’m basing this on the fact that my breakfast that day was bread and my tea the night before was the worst fries I’d had on the entire trip (Casey’s, for the record — soggy mess) but it was really good falafel. I loved it.

Personally I recommend the falafel and dhal, skip the Buddha bowl and find the truck selling French fries round the corner instead. You won’t regret it.

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