Reveiw: Annette’s Diner (Disneyland Paris)

So let’s talk about how I accidentally ordered something non-vegan so you can learn from my mistakes.

After we checked in we were really hungry and headed into Disney Village for some food. I knew some of the places where I could eat but my Dad and Kelsie took one look at Annette’s and wouldn’t be persuaded into anything but a burger.

I did a quick google and the internet told me that I could have the soya burger without the cheese and slaw. That’s what I ordered. What didn’t occur to me, until I was going through the pictures later, was that the bun was awfully shiny. Yes, it had an egg wash.


The rest of the burger was great. It had giant slabs of well cooked veggies and was served with some amazing fries. In fact we ate a lot of really good fries on this trip. Must be the proximity to Belgium. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to eat here again, not unless they got a vegan bun, but I wouldn’t mind going if Kelsie and my Dad wanted to. Or get some take away fries.

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