Vegan in Disneyland Paris

Even though Disney World is our usual hangout we — we being my Dad, my cousin Kelsie, and me — decided to go to Disneyland Paris. For the first time. So much like I did when we went to Disney World, I’m going to tell you all about eating vegan there.

How Easy is it to Eat Vegan in Disneyland Paris?

Well you’ll eat. Maybe not what you want or when you want but you won’t starve.

There’s also a culture/language issue which means that you might not be able to ask the questions you want and if you manage to ask you might not get the right answers. I’ve found Vegan Disney Paris absolutely invaluable for telling me what I can eat. And very gently telling me when I accidentally ate egg.

The other issue I had was with closing times. We went to Disneyland about 6pm and one of the places that I knew had vegan options was closed and a second place was sold out, so I had to make do with French fries. my advice there is to check, check again, never assume, and check one more time.

Tell Me About Your Trip

I once again travelled with my Dad and cousin Kelsie. It was also the first trip of Kelsie’s bump who, for the moment, is called Bruce.

We stayed four nights at Davy Crockett’s Ranch. There is a kitchen in the cabins but there isn’t a large amount of vegan food in the shop, although I did get pasta and tomato sauce and olives and lotus spread. I wish I’d have bought with me some vegan butter, cheese and some Tofurky slices but that’s something to remember for next time.

Did you have some sort of meal plan?

We had two meals a day: a continental style breakfast and a buffet meal. The price of the buffet could be taken from a sit down meal which gives you a bit more flexibility.

We had a bit of an issue getting breakfast. We were told we could pick it up from the main area or book it to pick up from a hutch by the cabins the next morning. Turns out that you could just pick it up from cabin. We could also get it from Starbucks, which was closed unexpectedly, and New York Style Sandwiches which was open, happily.

This is the breakfast for all three of us. The bread, jam, orange juice, cereal bars and apple sauce were all vegan. As is tea, when it’s served black. Which is the only way to drink it.

Kelsie happily ate my croissant and Nutella for me but if you’re not travelling with convenient non vegans then you can ask for it without.

As for our other meals… well that will be another entry.


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