Vegan MoFo 2019: Wrap up day

I had three intentions this year: post everyday, cook from The Nordic Baking Book, and cook outside. Well I did manage a lot from The Nordic Baking Book but my other two intentions were defeated by exhaustion, sickness, and bad weather. Still it’s been fun.

To wrap up I cooked a meal inspired by another blog. I figured at the start of the month that I was probably going to cook something from Herbivore’s Heaven and her trip to Japan but until yesterday I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be. I mean ideally I’d have gone to that dog friendly theme park with my Dad and Watson but that wasn’t in the budget. I made Curry Udon instead.

I used the recipe from Just One Cookbook veganised by using kombu dashi and chickwheat shreds in place of the meat. It was a perfect way to end Vegan MoFo 2019.

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