Vegan In Disney World

Hello! I’m currently hanging out in the happiest place on earth. As a vegan. With two members of my family who aren’t vegan. And a side trip to Universal Orlando. There are going to be a lot of blog entries on all the food I’m going to eat so I thought I’d make this post an introduction.

Is visiting Disney World Vegan?

Well probably no, strictly speaking. Animal Kingdom and Epcot are both theme parks with animals in captivity. There are carriage rides. There’s a ranch at Fort Wilderness.

However you can eat a vegan/plant based diet which is what these entries will be about.

How easy is it to eat vegan in Disney World?

Really easy. Most places have vegan options , really good ones at that. You’ll want to do some planning but you need to do some planning for a Disney trip anyway. For vegan food tips Vegan Disney World is invaluable. For everything else you can’t beat

Tell me all about your trip

Glad you asked, imaginary interlocutor. I’m staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge for two weeks with my Dad and my cousin. We have 14 day passes for Disney included and we’ve got 3 day passes for Universal Studios. We have tickets for the Very Merry Christmas Party one night, which is a first for us.

We’re also on the dining plan so we get one sit down meal, one counter service meal, and one snack a day. Whether this is good value as a vegan I don’t know but worrying about whether I’m making the most of my dining plan is the type of thing that drives me crazy. So I’m not going to.

Urm… you sound like you’ve really over-thought this…

Yeah, I’ve been planning for over a year. I had all but one of my ADRs nailed down 180 days in advance and my fast passes 60 days I advance. I’m pretty sure my dad and my cousin hate me a little but you really do need to plan a Disney trip especially if you don’t want to wait an hour to go on the latest rides and you want to eat at places like Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Right, so you are crazy…

Right! But you can benefit from my crazy! By checking back to read my Disney food reviews… watch this space.

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