Review: Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam Desert Party (Walt Disney World)

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam are the Christmas themed fireworks over at Disney’s Hollywood Studio and with every firework show Disney World puts on you get a dessert party. It’s $79 per adult on top of your park admission. For that you get dessert and a reserved spot for the fireworks. This isn’t very well lit so I apologise for the pics.

When I checked in I was told a chef would make their way over to my table. She was lovely and came over with a goodie bag of snacks. Two cakes – a gorgeous pumpkin spice and chocolate and cherry – and some snickerdoodles.

Then I was brought some hummus and chips, some Rice Dream with a chocolate peppermint sauce and more chocolate peppermint sauce to dip strawberries in. All good stuff. The chocolate peppermint sauce especially worked equally well when poured on ice cream, strawberries or in my mouth.

We also got a Christmas Ornament each and a picture with Christmas Goofy. I definitely ate well, I had to save one of the cake jars for later, and the view of the fireworks was fantastic. I don’t mind spending the cash the experience is totally worth it. Even if you have a special dietary requirement.

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