Review: Food and Drinks of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (Walt Disney World)

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is an evening event that takes place in the Magic Kingdom during October and November. You buy tickets for it separately so if you are hanging around the parks in the day you’re going to need another ticket for the party. The rides are open but the main draw is the exclusive parade, fireworks and character meet-and-greets. And the snack stops, but I wasn’t expecting much in that regard.

Each of the stops had a bag of allergy-friendly cookies available that was also vegan-friendly. Pretty decent for mini cookies. At the various stops there were also sno cones which were sorely needed considering how stupidly hot it was the evening we visited.

I also got a nice glass of cold apple cider (that’s just apple juice right?) which saved my sanity. Honestly it was so warm I never even bothered to investigate my hot chocolate options. And I was really looking forward to blowing my snack credits on a huge Starbucks. I did just about manage a warm snowman pretzel. It was rather overdone, tough, a little burnt.

But it was still bloody hot, so I went to get myself another sno cone. The snacks were decent, I got enough to eat and hunting them down was fun but the highlight of the party was the parade and the exclusive shows and characters.

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