Table Service: Spice Road Table, Sanna, Beaches and Cream , California Grill (Walt Disney World)

We love table service! It lets us sit down. And you also get some pretty good food. We visited some old favourites and tried some new places.

Spice Road Table (Epcot)

There are so many cool snack and counter service options available in Epcot that I always find it hard to tie myself down to a table service but we managed to score a reservation around fireworks time at Spice Road Table.

So let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: there were no fireworks. They were set back due to the rain so we missed them. But Spice Road Table is still a great place to eat. The dining room is gorgeous, the staff are great (even by Disney standards) and the food is delicious.

I opted for the vegetable platter, because that’s the vegan option. Anti-clockwise from the left (because why not) there are stuffed grape leaves, bread, hummus, and hummus fries. What are hummus fries? Well they’re deep fried hummus blocks. Isn’t that just a falafel? No it isn’t. I’m not sure how exactly these are made but they are amazing. Crisp on the outside, soft in the middle and with a surprising heat.

Sanna (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Sanna was my choice for my 30th birthday last year and it was probably the best meal of our trip. Great food choices for everyone, savannah views and lovely cast members.

The highlight here is the bread service but all the naans have dairy. They will make you an allergy-friendly flat bread which is free from dairy and gluten. It’s okay, but a little disappointing when the rest of your table is tucking into a fluffy pile of flavoured breads. You can still dip it in all but one of the amazing dips so I’d still recommend bread service.

For mains I chose two dishes from the ‘harvest’ section of the menu. I went for aloo masala and chickpea wat. Both very lovely. The aloo masala was pleasantly hot. But pro tip: keep the dips on your table for the mains. Not that the mains need it but those dips are amazing.

Beaches and Cream (Board Walk)

Beaches and Cream is famous for its ice cream. Eating there as a vegetarian I also enjoyed the burger. Unfortunate as a vegan it’s pretty disappointing.

By all means go for some ice cream. They have soy, rice, or coconut based ice cream to choose from. But don’t go for something savoury. Apparently all the bread products in the place have dairy or egg so I was stuck wrapping my — admittedly delicious — burger patty in lettuce. The fries are from a shared fryer so if that bothers you then all you’re going to get is a dry burger wrapped in lettuce with fruit. Not worth it.

Like I said, if you’re just going for an indulgent vegan sundae it’s one of the nicest places to get one and it’s always fun to walk around the resort but… don’t waste your time with the burger.

If you do want a burger and ice cream combo I recommend the Plaza in the Magic Kingdom. One of my family’s all-time favourites and I’ll talk about it a bit more in the next review.

California Grill (Contemporary Resort)

Another reservation we made mostly for fireworks viewing. California Grill sits at the top of the Contemporary Resort. I was also excited about the California inspired menu, more so than the rest of my group who can’t be persuaded that sushi is edible.

As a vegan you get to choose four small plate options from a choice of five. In one way this means you get quite diverse options, in another… you didn’t. You get get the same veggies on each dish. I got the flatbread which was good, a little bit dry but I appreciate the fresh rocket on top. The fried rice was also a solid choice. The sushi was one of my favourites, especially with the application of a little wasabi. The Pho though was amazing. The rest of the dishes hit about 4/5 and the pho was a 5.

I also got a real desert at California Grill! A chocolate dome with some fresh fruit. It was delicious. We even got to see the fireworks this time.

The view from California Grill is amazing.

We viewed the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the observation deck and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in Disney. Last year we booked Ohana for the firework view and it just doesn’t compare. California Grill is wonderful.

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