Birthday Bash: I want to go to V Rev (Veganmofo 2018)

I like to go out for my birthday. Because I’m a grown up I don’t always get to go out on my birthday itself but, you know, the intention is there. I’m pretty sure we just did a takeaway this year but last year I got to go to Sanaa in Animal Kingdom Lodge and that was pretty amazing. But enough about the past, let’s talk about the future. Just to drop hints for anyone reading: I want to go to V Rev.

We actually got to visit a couple of months back when we were in Manchester. In fact we went twice in one visit. Kate got it into her head that she wanted to try Doughnut Stop Me Now, a chicken burger with cheese and bacon. Served between two doughnuts. Personally it would have killed me but it only seemed to make her stronger.

I rather sensibly opted for a hot dog. With bacon, fried onions, bbq and ranch. And because that wasn’t enough I had loaded fries with cheese sauce, buffalo sauce, more ranch and more bacon. And then we split some mozzarella sticks.

All of this food, by the way, tasted absolutely phenomenal. That hot dog was the single best hot dog I’ve even had in my life, and I eat a lot of hot dogs. The sauce was perfectly balanced between sweet, salty and smokey. The mozzarella sticks, which I felt were a bit tasteless and boring the last time I visited are now perfectly melted with a crisp outside. The tomato dip compliments them really well.

So once again, just to drop the hint for anyone reading, I want to go back on my birthday. Even if we don’t make it on the actual day. I can cope. Just sometime that week. Do we have a date?

5 thoughts on “Birthday Bash: I want to go to V Rev (Veganmofo 2018)

  1. I love how you have what I think of a gourmet version of American cuisine (aka what children will cook up when you let them loose in the back of a school cafeteria) It’s fried, it’s frozen, it’s starchy, and there are a whole lot of sauces involved! XD This stuff is best when eating out.


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