Favourite Holiday: Christmas Breakfast (Vegan MoFo 2018)

I can’t say Christmas is actually my favourite holiday. It’s actually probably my least favourite. It’s stressful. As a kid we’d go down to open presents, I’d have to be just the right amount of grateful, then there was stress over when I’d get to see my Dad and how wanting to spend time with his side of the family made me a bad person. And it hasn’t got to be any less of a mine field of family politics since then. And then there was the year Kate was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day. She’s not allowed to do that again.

The one break in the madness was Christmas breakfast. After the emotionally fraught unwrapping and before the emotionally fraught big family meal. Breakfast at my Mum’s was a simple bacon sandwich with brown sauce and a moment of peace. I don’t eat bacon now, and I’m not sure I enjoyed eating it all that much then. I do enjoy this though: maple flavoured rashers from VBites with spinach and sweet chilli sauce between two slices of grilled bread. And that’s why I picked Christmas Morning.

One thought on “Favourite Holiday: Christmas Breakfast (Vegan MoFo 2018)

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