The Coastal Vegans’ Review of The Year

I know you’ve been waiting to hear our thoughts about 2018. You probably spent all year wondering what we thought about things. So this is it. Our Summary. 2018, in all its glory.

Best Supermarket Own-Brand Vegan Yum


Supermarkets have been adding plenty of cool new vegan options to their shelves but the one thing we’ve really enjoyed is the simple Vegan Spinach Ravioli from Waitrose. It’s quick to cook, nice and light and tastes fab. Perfect weeknight fare.

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Supermarket Vegan Yuck


Asda started giving you the option of vegan cheese on their make-your-own pizzas. The best thing that we could find to say about it is that it proves vegan food can be just as disappointing as regular people food.

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The Kate Morley Award For Most Exciting New Vegan Snack


Roly’s Fudge started making a vegan version of their wonderful fudge and Kate was very excited. And then very full.

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Biggest Disappointment


Oh how we were looking forward to trying By Chloe. It had just opened its first outlet this side of the Atlantic. Very exciting, and then we ate there. Okay food served in shoddy disposable containers with plastic cutlery (which they sometimes run out of) all of which cost far too much money. Highlight was the hash browns. Although it was actually hash brown, singular.

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Most Pleasant Surprise


Leon! Specifically the one at Birmingham New Street. You don’t really expect to eat that well at a train station. Especially not one in the middle of your journey when you’re desperate for the quick service so you can make your connecting train.

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The Kind Grind Award For Best Coffee Shop That Clare Doesn’t Work At

Honeycomb hot chocolate

We spent the first week of 2018 being madly in love with The Copper Spoon in Marazion. Hopefully we’ll be back to check it out again one day soon.

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Most Batshit Burger Award


Remember that time Kate got a burger with doughnuts for buns? My tummy hurts just thinking about it.

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Well, it’s been a good 2018 — food-wise that is — and hopefully there will be plenty more good food to come in 2019. More burgers, more cakes, more… salads? 2019 here we come. And we’re bloody hungry.

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