How on Earth Southern Fried Seitan

26/10/2020: How On Earth have opened a Deli for all of your vegan deli meat needs, plus fried chicken. Our review is here.

I love trying new vegan food especially when it’s made by a local business so I was so excited to spy a packet of Southern Fried Chicken by Devon company How on Earth (you can find them on Facebook)

Like it says on the tin plastic tub this seitan, Southern Fried. It certainly looks the part. Opening it up for the first time I was very impressed. I looks suspiciously like southern fried chicken. Smelt like southern fried chicken. Time for a taste test.

I opted for heating them in the oven and shoved them in a wrap with some lettuce and chilli sauce. It was really nice. Probably a bit cheweyer than chicken would be, but that’s seitan. The coating was thick, flavourful and crisp.

I really enjoyed trying the fried seitan, if you’re in Devon try to get some. They stock it at Seasons in Exeter. I can’t wait to see what How on Earth come up with in the future.

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