Rock Garden, Stone Baked Vegan Pizza

Rock garden is legendary amongst vegans in Torquay. They were one of the first places in town to offer vegan food options and they have a full vegan menu (found here!) and they can even tell you what drinks are vegan. Although the burgers an fajitas sounded tempting this place is famous for it’s wood fired pizzas so that is what we went for.

I ordered a vegan cheese pizza with sun dried tomatoes, red onion and mushroom. Kate had hers with just cheese. The member of staff who took my order was really enthusiastic, telling us that the vegan cheese they use is amazing. Only the mouth feel would be different from dairy cheese. She was right. It’s really delicious cheese. Which is a good thing because they put way too much on.

A very vegan cheesy pizza

Out by the crust things were going fine but as we got closer to the centre we found that the cheese had basically become a sauce leaving the pizza tasting more like a lasagna. I think this is a problem most pizza places have that offer vegan cheese. It doesn’t behave the same as a dairy cheese so putting just as much on often leads to puddles. As much as I love a cheesy pizza I also want to taste the topping, the tomato sauce, and the stone baked crust.


I managed to eat enough of my pizza to justify desert. Oh who am I kidding, I ate all of it. Out of the vegan options Kate picked the Orange, Almond an Chocolate Truffle Torte. Decadent and very orangy. I went for the Fravacado Ice Cream with raw cacao fudge sauce swirl. It was icy and creamy alright but I wouldn’t necessarily call it an ice cream. It was pretty yummy though.


We’ll probably pop into Rock Garden again, if not for the full three courses then to try out the lighter options.

Rock Garden is just off Fleet Walk and you can find there website here. They are also available through Deliveroo

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