Rabbit, Exeter’s Vegan Cafe

Edit, February 2019: Rabbit has closed down.

Edit, December 2019: Rabbit has changed it’s menu since this review but it’s still delicious and we still recommend a visit.


Like all good Simpsons episodes the story of our trip to Rabbit starts with a barely related plot point: our blender  had broken and Kate’s Wednesday meeting was rescheduled. So off we went to Exeter to buy a Vitamix and why not pop into the city’s only vegan cafe for a meal.


The floor plan of Rabbit is two thirds welcoming cafe and one third sunken garden. The walls are home to gorgeous murals and almost every spare space has its own bunny. I was glad to see a children’s menu as most places I’ve been to recently don’t have one. The grown-ups menu contained a mix of fast food, filling wholesome food and cafe classics. The cake is also a big draw. We saw lots of people come in to take away a  box or two.


home of the double cheeseburger

I ordered from the specials board. I couldn’t resist the Double Cheeseburger, served in a big mac style bun. With Soya Patties, cheese, pickles and sriracha mayo it contained everything I love. It was served with crisps and if I was being picky I might say I would have preferred chips or wedges, but I could barely fit the burger into my mouth so why be picky about the sides. It was a very good burger.

and the most delicious pasta ever

What really stole the show though was Kate’s order. She went for the Seitan Ravioli. I’m not sure if I appreciated how much she enjoyed it at first but she’s been raving about it for three days now. Every now and then the flat will go quiet and out of nowhere Kate will say ‘that ravioli was amazing’. She’s not wrong. She graciously allowed me to sample some and… wow. The pasta was perfectly cooked, the filling was gorgeous and the tomato sauce was a dream. I loved my burger, don’t get me wrong, but I’m having some remorse over not ordering that pasta.


So what more can I say? Visit Rabbit.


You can find them on Facebook here.

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