Review: How On Earth Plant Based Deli

Back in the early days of the blog we tried some of the fabulous fried chicken hand made by How On Earth. Since then they’ve expanded their product range and opened an actual, god damn, vegan deli in Exeter.

A Box Of Vegan Fried Chicken

So this is my first day out in a while. When lockdown was eased I wasn’t going anywhere. In July I had to do a strict two week shielding for a hysterectomy mid-August. While the post-operative shielding lasted only one week I’ve been too sore and grumpy to go anywhere since then. Until last week when we decided to go to Exeter and pop into How On Earth. The Fried Chicken is still excellent.

A Box Of Vegan Doner Meat

They stock some stuff from amazing indie producers like Food by Sumear who makes some of the best Vegan Cheeses, Bath Culture House and Nutcessity as well as their own delicious meats. As well as the chicken we tried some of the doner meat. The doner meat is amazing. Bar none the best doner I’ve had since giving up meat. It’s got the taste, it’s got the texture, it’s just beautiful. I went for a full on kebab theme for lunch: pittas with salad, Leon aioli and then half squeaky bean tikka (bought on sale and needing to be used up) and half perfect How On Earth doner.

I really can’t wait to go back to How On Earth to try more of their meats. But getting to Exeter isn’t the easiest right now so I’ll just look at the pictures I took of the doner and cry.

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