Review: Fat Cow

When I got word that a burger place had opened up alongside the harbour I was excited. I bloody love a good burger. Fat Cow‘s menu promises burgers, rum and reggae. I don’t really do rum but it did deliver on the other two.

The menu is clearly marked for us vegans with a great selection of snacks, burgers and sides. For once in my life I didn’t over order and just got myself a coke and a burger. I got myself the vegan version of the Taj Ma Dahl. You get a delicious burger topped with goodies like avocado, pineapple and mango chow, and yes that is a whole onion bhaji at the top. It a huge burger, and you are not going to look delicate and lady-like eating it. It’s served in a basket which I don’t think is a great choice for a burger that falls apart as you eat it. I want to scoop up my fallen pickles. Basket aside this is one of the best, most creative burgers you are going to find in the bay. The pineapple and mango chow is a highlight.

I’m already trying to find an excuse to go back.

Offshore 2, this time it’s breakfast

I’ve written about Offshore, their vegan menu and their surprisingly meaty burger before but I’m a bit of a completist so I wanted to go back for breakfast. We had the chance over Christmas when it was one of the few places open that were dog friendly. Well it’s dog friendly outside but with the mild climate of the English Rivera, heaters, and our coats on it was good enough for us.

For me it was avocado and lime on a split English muffin. Took a bit of explaining when the chap taking our order thought I wanted the version with the poached egg but we got there in the end. Now I’m going to say something controversial. I think there was a bit too much avocado on this one. It was heaped on. So for the first time I’m going to recommend the avocado be spread a bit more finely. That felt odd to say.

Kate was onto a winner though. She ordered the vegan version of the full English. I think this is the best vegan full English in the bay. As much as I like home made beans and vegetables instead of sausages sometimes I just want Heinz. To everything there is a season, sometimes you have to go with the classics. Here they have done the classics really well. That sausage was meaty and perfect. The beans came out of the tin. There were hashbrowns. Best full English in the bay.

Vegan at The Beach, Coastal Vegan Gets Costaler

Sometimes we actually visit the beach. Recently my Dad came down for a visit and we ended up at the stunning Bigbury-on-sea in search of lunch. It is tidally linked to Burgh Island which, like most places around here, served as inspiration for a couple of fictional murder scenes. Fun fact: Agetha Christie, nee Miller was born all of thirty seconds from our front door. No doubt our flat would also be the scene of a fictional murder if it had been built at the time.


Let’s head west, and get back to the topic of Bigbury-on-sea. It’s home to a Venus Cafe. They’re a small chain of local beach cafes which offer locally sourced, really well made. The menus vary according to location but there is at least one vegan option in each place. In Bigbury-on-sea I could choose between chilli and a falafel wrap.


I went for the falafel wrap. I have had more falafel wraps in my life than I can count and most have them have been extremely meh. I knew that Venus falafel wrap would be a good falafel wrap and I adore a good falafel wrap. It was indeed a good falafel wrap. Succulent slices of beetroot, bursts of briny olives and delicious, delicious falafel. Not soggy, not wilted, not tasteless. This is the falafel wrap other falafel wraps want to be when they grow up. Get yourself to the beach and try one.