Vegan at The Beach, Coastal Vegan Gets Costaler

Sometimes we actually visit the beach. Recently my Dad came down for a visit and we ended up at the stunning Bigbury-on-sea in search of lunch. It is tidally linked to Burgh Island which, like most places around here, served as inspiration for a couple of fictional murder scenes. Fun fact: Agetha Christie, nee Miller was born all of thirty seconds from our front door. No doubt our flat would also be the scene of a fictional murder if it had been built at the time.


Let’s head west, and get back to the topic of Bigbury-on-sea. It’s home to a Venus Cafe. They’re a small chain of local beach cafes which offer locally sourced, really well made. The menus vary according to location but there is at least one vegan option in each place. In Bigbury-on-sea I could choose between chilli and a falafel wrap.


I went for the falafel wrap. I have had more falafel wraps in my life than I can count and most have them have been extremely meh. I knew that Venus falafel wrap would be a good falafel wrap and I adore a good falafel wrap. It was indeed a good falafel wrap. Succulent slices of beetroot, bursts of briny olives and delicious, delicious falafel. Not soggy, not wilted, not tasteless. This is the falafel wrap other falafel wraps want to be when they grow up. Get yourself to the beach and try one.

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