Review: Tombo (South Kensington Branch)

I’ve recently come back from Disneyland Paris but as I was with teenagers and staying at a local activity centre I have nothing else to add to the posts I made last year. The popcorn is still good. We’re going to jump straight into an extended stay in London instead.

I think the only reason I know about Tombo is from Google maps. It popped up when I was scrolling round for vegan options near the Science Museum. Kate wasn’t into it though so we ended up walking along to Wulf & Lamb, but this time I was all alone and craving Japanese food.


It’s easy to pick something vegan off the menu. There’s an option with a little green leaf in every section. I went for the Miso Aubergine and Tofu Don (£7.95) with extra hijiki (£1.20). To be honest on my fist bite I wasn’t that impressed. It tasted a bit generic brown stir-fry sauce but the more I had, the more I bit into the succulent aubergine the more the flavour came out. By the end I was in a blissful umami coma.

It was a simple dish, perfect for a quick lunch. If I was in the area I’d definitely go back more often. Also their Fitzrovia branch is doing a special Sanrio menu right now which sounds great.

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