Vegan Mofo 2019: Bread / Veganising The Nordic Baking Book

Rundstykker (wheat variation) – Breakfast Buns 

This is the wheat variation made with water so it’s vegan as is.

Perfect soft roll for sandwiches or splitting and toasting. It’s a really simple and quick bake too, which is a bonus. And that’s the Danish name, in case you were wondering.


Vegan as is.


The fun is more in the making than the eating but it is really fun. I made this over a campfire with my guides. As we were on a shingle beach we found that we could prop the sticks up close to the fire and leave them to it with nothing but a quick quarter turn.

Rundstykker (wheat variation) – Breakfast Buns 

Wholemeal and oats version made with oatmilk rather than cow’s milk.


Like the wheat variation they are soft, slightly sweet, and really tasty. This is my favourite variation.

Grahamsbröd – Basic Graham Bread

Veganised with oat milk for the milk and naturali block for butter.


If you are wondering where I bought Graham flour in the UK I got it from Scandi Kitchen. It added a great nutty taste.

Kartöflubrauð – Icelandic Potato Bread

Veganised with oat milk rather than cow’s milk.


So when we first got together Kate used to make a version of potato bread once a week for us to eat so this is kind of like a stroll down memory lane. The potatoes add moisture, density and a lovely potato taste to the loaf and it’s lovely.

Bergis – Wheat Loaf with Poppy Seeds

Veganised using naturli block for butter, minor figures oat milk for dairy milk and an oat milk wash rather than an egg wash.


This loaf, which had its roots in challah bread, is incredibly soft. Oat milk has quite a high sugar content so it browns nicely when used as a wash, though not as brown as an egg would. It also nicely holds those lovely, lovely poppy seeds in place.

Källarfranska – Wheat Buns

Veganised with oat milk in place of the cows milk.


These baby buns are ever quicker than the others. Small, sweet and perfect for a snack.

Kalljästa frukostbullar – Overnight breakfast buns

Veganised using agave rather than honey.


These benefit from both Graham flour and an overnight rise. They’re really easy to make first thing in the morning.

Rugbrød – Danish Rye Bread

Veganised with oat milk with vinegar added rather than buttermilk. I also started this from a sourdough starter rather than cultured dairy.


There is a reason there is only one rye bread in this post and it’s not just that it took four days to make. It’s that after it took four days to make I realised I do not have a taste for rye bread. I’m sorry. I just don’t. It was fun to make though.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a break from Nordic Baking to have a bit of quiche. Providing my quiche works out.

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