Spicy Without Chillies: Cooking for Kate (Vegan Mofo 2018)

So this is less ‘spicy without chillies’ and more ‘food without any hint of heat’ Kate can eat capsicums but she’ll complain a lot. When I’m cooking I have to adjust for her likes and dislikes. It’s not hard. Here’s what I do when I’m cooking one of our regular meals: Channa Massala.

Take this recipe by Vegan Richa. Obviously I’d take out the chilli flakes and chillies but I also make a lot of my spice mixes. In this recipe it’s a channa massala mix but I also do my own garam massala. Just so Kate never has to go near a chilli.

One thought on “Spicy Without Chillies: Cooking for Kate (Vegan Mofo 2018)

  1. Haha, my boyfriend believes every dish (whatever the cuisine) should have at least 2 chillies. I believe that 1 is enough for a fiery curry! We try to both compromise, but I’m not sure he’s very happy with my efforts!


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