The Anti-Vegan (Vegan MoFo 2018)

Life on the vegan internet in the last twelve months has been all ‘impossible’ this and ‘no bull’ that it’s just not that easy to feel deprived. I work at a vegan coffee shop but as far as we can work it out (we don’t quiz anyone or anything) most of our customers aren’t vegan. Most of them will stop short of ordering the facon (fake bacon, naturally) but they’re happy with the oat milk coffees and even the melted mozzarella-style Violife. Especially since we’ve switched to the gorgeous, silky, and fabulously foamable Minor Figures. (I remain awful at latte art.)

In my personal life there is one person who is the ultimate litmus test for the mainstream acceptance of vegan food. My Dad has typical northern working class taste buds. Pie, full English breakfast, and roast dinner on a Sunday. Last year though when we were on holiday Kate was too full to finish her Taifun hot dog. My Dad looked at it, put a puzzled expression on his face, and bit into it. “That’s just like a hot dog.”

So this one is dedicated to my Dad. One vegan Tofu Weiner, on a baguette with chilli and a sprinkle of Violife.

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