Inspiring Book: Street Vegan (Vegan Mofo 2018)

I have a lot of cookbooks. My book shelf devoted to cookbooks already has an annex and is still bursting at the seams. I have cookbooks that get weekly use, cookbooks where recipes never go wrong, cookbooks that are simple, cookbooks that are involved and cookbooks that fill me with nostalgia. Each one is a little inspiring and the collection as a whole I find very inspiring. But the one I’m talking about today is Street Vegan.


It’s a beauty of a book: well designed, lovely pictures, and the design is quirky without being distracting. Looking through it makes me reconsider vegan food and think about taking things beyond the simple everyday, and beyond the substitutes. There are some solid recipes. The Cinnamon Snails are my go-to cinnamon roll recipe. The lemonades are wonderful. The other recipes have been sadly neglected though. I’ve been looking at the pictures more than cooking.


I started my day by making the Maple Mustard Breakfast Strips. These chewy, fried strips of seitan are glazed with a gorgeous maple and mustard mix. They came together unexpectedly quickly. It’s probably one of the least fussy seitan recipes I’ve ever made. the frying crisps up the outside but leaves the insides tender and there is no ‘gluten’ taste. It made a really decadent wrap filling.


Then I made the raw brownies. Though technically, as they take 12 hours in the dehydrator I started them first. But then there was topping to make and… you know what, I’ve just lost all track of time. At some point I made raw chocolate brownies and spent a lot of time and money on them (agave, cashews, coconut; oh my!) but Oh My God they are glorious.


Like most of the recipes in Street Vegan they are a little bit different, they need you to put in the effort but the results are off the charts. That’s why this book is my number one when it comes to inspiration. And why I promise to cook from it more often.