Vegan MoFo 2018: Introducing me!

It’s another Vegan MoFo and it’s time to introduce myself. I guess. So here we go. In list form to make it easier.

1. I’m from town called Heywood, which is to the north of Manchester.

2. My favourite food is still the chips and curry from the chippy there. Lots of vinegar.

3. I live in Torquay in Devon where I just can’t find a decent chip shop.

4. I’m an obsessive trip planner. When we went to London for an afternoon I made a map to show me were to get a snack, a meal and all the shops we wanted to go to. For my upcoming Disney trip I have meals booked, to do lists for the attractions and note on what outfits to wear to which park.

5. I am, however, remarkably disorganised in everyday life.

6. I like visiting supermarkets. Especially on holiday. They are fascinating. Also they stock food.

7. I work in a Vegan Coffee Shop. Oat, Almond, Soy or Coconut?

8. My favourite drink is hot chocolate. Because it’s made of chocolate.

9. I like to do complicated, multi step cooking projects. Equally I like to order a take away.

10. Someone really needs to start delivering a cheesy vegan pizza around here!

4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2018: Introducing me!

  1. I’m an obsessive trip planner too! I usually start with a giant list of things to do and narrow it down. Then I try to work out what we’ll do each day so I keep store/park/museum hours in mind.


  2. Happy VeganMoFo! I’ve loved reading all the introduction posts! I share your tendency to over-plan my travels, particularly when it comes to meals. There’s nothing quite like making a really detailed itinerary!


  3. Hello! Great to find your blog. Especially as I am coming to Devon on holiday in October so I will be reading back through for places to visit (also a travel planner). I am a fellow Northerner from Salford but live in beautiful Derbyshire these days. I am doing Mofo on instagram this year {@teaandsympatico) but I also do a weekly blog on my long running blog


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