Sell Yourself: Vegan Mofo Day 13

Today we’re supposed to talk about the vegan business we’d open if we could. And I went backwards and forwards on this one but for me it all came down to bread. I’d like to open a tiny little micro bakery. It would be a subscription service and people would order bread to be delivered a couple of times a week.


Aside from the standard white bread I’d also offer a few treats. Nothing overly elaborate. I’m not going to get good at cake decorating anytime soon. But everyone likes a little sweet treat to start the day. So I’d offer muffins. Blueberry. Chocolate chip. All made 100% vegan with the magic of aquafaba.


I’d also offer more speciality breads and the one I’m really known for is my focaccia. I make it to go with all sorts of Italian food or just for fun. Kate says it’s her favourite focaccia and she’s not biased or anything. Neither are my imaginary customers and they give it five stars.

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