Offshore – Vegan Options with a Harbour View

When family come to visit I spend a lot of time thinking of where to take them. Obviously I have to be able to eat something so there has to be a vegan menu. This is good for my family too. I’m a horrible person when I’m hungry. So far though, Kate and I are the only vegans in the family. A mixed menu is what we’re after. And the food has to be good. And it has to be in a good spot, close to the sites.

Offshore is a bustling cafe right on the harbour. There is plenty of outside seating to take advantage of the stunning views or you can sit inside if it’s a little drizzly. They start the day with breakfast and just keep going. Often with live entertainment in the evening. I took my Mum and her other half for lunch.


We’d gone often as vegetarians but this was the first time since kicking the eggs and dairy. I was a little nervous. I scanned the menu. Oooooh two vegan breakfast options. Clare, focus we’re here for lunch. I could have had a jacket, a sausage and onion baguette, or a pizza. I but I wanted a burger. One vegan soya burger please. It was delicious. Served on a bun with a beautiful and addictive relish with salad and sweet potato fries on the side.

The meat eaters enjoyed their food too. Offshore is a great option for vegans in Torquay. With or without their meat eating family.

2 thoughts on “Offshore – Vegan Options with a Harbour View

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