And Now For Bacon

We took a trip up to Exeter this weekend for Compassion in the Castle, a fun vegan fair in Exeter Castle (Where are the pictures? There are none. My phone died. Sorry.) We ate a lot, we stopped to chat with a lot of cool people and we bought a lot.


We couldn’t resist… well anything. But we especially couldn’t resist samples of new foods. Lettices had the most intriguing selection and I think I tried one of everything except the mayonnaise (I was blocked by other samplers) and although the Popperoni was fab, and the Better Fetter was uncanny I had had to bring home some of the Smokey Bakon. I mean a smokey bacon flavored vegan cheese? Yeah. I’ll take it.


It’s somewhere between a cream cheese and hard cheese. You can just about spread it on your bread and when heat is applied it gets beautifully melted. It’s perfect on a toastie or for cheese on toast. It’s also delicious just spread thickly onto crispbreads or biscuits. As for the taste? Reminiscent of a cheddar spread but with that perfect salt, sweet, smokey of bakon. It’s a big hit here.


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