A Tale of Two Chickens: Subway’s Tastes.Like.Chicken and Papa John’s Not Chicken Vegan Bites

Usually we’d spend Veganuary eating and then writing about all the new Veganuary food. This year however we can’t go anywhere. As much as I want to try the new Starbucks breakfast sandwich, it’s probably a better plan to stay inside. There are a couple of things we’ve been able to order in though. Literally a couple. Just two. On nights we just could not be bothered to feed ourselves we’ve ordered in: Subway and Papa John’s.

Sub with ‘chicken’ chunks, garlic aioli and spinach.

Subway has the new Tastes.Like.Chicken. This makes 3 vegan sandwich options at Subway: the Plant Patty, the Meatless Meatball Marinara and the Tastes.Like.Chicken. Also there’s rumours that some people just have salad on their sub, but they remain unsubstantiated. Now I ate Subway back when I did eat chicken and I never really thought their chicken tasted all that much like chicken. And I don’t think Tastes.Like.Chicken tastes all that much like chicken either. But it can be a good base for all the sauces and toppings. Just don’t expect a huge amount of flavour. We still prefer the Meatless Meatballs.

Two double chocolate chip cookies

We will be sneaking more of these double chocolate chip cookies in with our order though. When I make my own cookies I like them too be big and fat and crisp but there’s something about the almost molten nature of these that’s irresistible.

On to chickenish substance number 2: the not-chicken vegan bites from Papa John’s. Let’s start with the positives. The chicken nuggets have a really good texture. The coating tastes okay. The chicken tastes a bit meh. Thank god for dip.

A stuffed crust pizza topped with olives, green peppers and vegan meats.

Papa John’s have really upped their vegan cheese game. I don’t know what they’ve done but it tastes so much better. And they’ve even managed to stuff that crust full. I was actually really impressed with the pizza. In the past we’ve often ordered it just because it’s the only vegan pizza we can get to our front door in a reasonable time. Great for days when I’ve screwed up whatever I’m cooking. However now… I could happily eat another right now.

There you have it, two vegan chickens that we weren’t impressed with and the new vegan options we were. Hopefully next Veganuary we’ll be able to get out more.

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