Vegan Mofo 2019: Cartoon Inspired

It doesn’t matter what cute references I could make, my heart only wants one thing: Lard Lad Doughnuts. So I was a kid when The Simpsons came to the BBC. It may have been the biggest cultural event of my childhood. And we’ll say nothing of the varying quality over the years. My heart is with those early episodes.


That picture is from when I was 22 when they’d just opened the Simpsons Ride in Universal Orlando. I was significantly more adorable then I know. Also I miss having that tunic. The next time we went I was 30 and in the intervening eight years an entire Springfield had been built around it. I was only a vegetarian back then so I was able to eat a Krusty Burger, drink a Flaming Moe and eat a Lard Lad Doughnut.

krusty burger

Okay so the doughnut is huge. Like plate sized and me and Kelsie took about two days between us to eat it. It wasn’t great and now they have voodoo doughnuts it’s not anything I’d bother with again even if they went vegan.


That’s my childhood cartoon and adult holiday obsession sorted. On with the vegan food! I went for a baked doughnut, because I’m not to be trusted with hot oil, so I made the ones from Chloe’s Kitchen, dyed pink and covered in sprinkles.  Much smaller but also taste better.


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