Vegan Mofo 2019: Afternoon Tea / Veganising The Nordic Baking Book

According to British culture guides, written by fans of Dr Who and distributed on the internet, we sit down for afternoon tea each day at 3pm. It involves tea, tiny sandwiches and cakes. In reality I’ve only ever had ‘tea’ once and I consider 3pm the stupidest time of day to stuff yourself with miniature foods. I mean it’s not that long after lunch and it’s way too close for dinner. You’re basically messing up two meals to have a platter of fancypants cakes. If you must have tea have tea for lunch, that’s what I’m saying.

All this is to say that today’s tea is a rushed affair. Slotted in between family visits and enjoyed at 8pm while writing this blog entry. To keep with the other theme of the week I made…

Chokaladskorpor – Chocolate Rusks

Veganised by replacing the butter with margarine and replacing the eggs with 6 teaspoons flax wisked with 9 tablespoon oat milk.

chocolate rusks

These are amazing. Happy chocolate cookies of love. Perfect for after a long day with a pot of white tea.

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