Vegan Mofo 2019: Introduce yourself

It is, once again, the Vegan Month of Food. A whole month of blogging and Instagramming all about vegan food. So lets start with the introductions.


First of all I’m Clare (the red head) early thirties, newly unemployed, food obsessive. My other half and our other writer is Kate; brunette, mid thirties, web developer. We like to eat out, watch TV, walk just about everywhere, look at cute animals, drink hot chocolate and play with Lego.

We love to eat Indian food, pizza, and anything baked, and we’ll try any vegan mac and cheese recipe at least once. In the last year I’ve started to started to drift my (embarrassingly large) cook book collections towards more general titles enjoying the challenge of veganising the recipes as well as leaning new techniques and food from cultures I wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to.


Right now I’m obsessed with Magnus Nilsson’s The Nordic Baking Book. It was book love at first sight and my goal is making at least one recipe from it a week until it begs me for a divorce. My other cooking project right now is wild cooking. On the woodgas stove or on an open fire if nobody is going to catch me.

So that’s what you can expect from us this month: fire, baking and vegan food.

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