Buffet Reviews: Trails End and Boma (Walt Disney World)

Today we’re reviewing buffets. Big, brilliant buffets with all the food you care to eat. But as a vegan automatically your choices are going to be reduced, so is it worth it?

Trails End (Fort Wilderness)

We had a great experience last time we went to Trails End. Kelsie and my Dad insisted that we go back. I would have been happy if all I got out of this trip was a look around Fort Wilderness, two happy relatives, and a couple of allergy-friendly Mickey Waffles.

I was however completely spoiled. The buffet has a great variety of food but it’s mostly of the eggs, meat, and more meat variety. From the buffet I could have fruit, tots and porridge. But then the chef came out and offered me a tofu scramble and some Mickey Waffles. He packed the plate high and it was delicious. The scramble was really simple but because the veg were cooked down it was so flavourful with just a hint of pepper.

I can totally recommend eating here for vegans. It’s not just a place to go to keep your meat-eating family happy.

Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

At Boma I was also offered a plate of scrambled tofu and waffles. This scramble tofu however was full of spices. Almost the complete opposite of the Trails End scramble but just as delicious.

From the buffet there was a similar selection of tots, fresh fruit and veg. The grilled asparagus was especially good. You also get jungle juice to drink which is completely addictive. This is another really good choice for vegans.

I was worried that breakfast buffets would turn out the same for me, just a plate of Mickey waffles and some dry toast. But not only did I end up eating a good amount of food, it also matched the signature flavours of the restaurant, giving me something new each time. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to do Disney buffets just because you can’t eat everything out there.

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