Review: No Bull Burgers and Other Iceland Vegan Treats

UK vegan bloggers, social media users, and just about everyone else has been talking about the meaty-tasting and meaty-textured No Bull Burgers from Iceland. It’s been a big deal, especially at £2 for a 2 pack. I’m not usually one to shop at Iceland because I like to pretend I cook everything from fresh. Which I don’t, but I feel like shopping at a frozen food place would be admitting that. Here we go then, off to try the vegan food of Iceland.

First up, the No Bull Burgers. The texture is reminiscent of a beef burger but softer. I would have liked a bit more bite myself. As you can see from the pan pic they have the look down but it doesn’t really translate when cooked. Only the outside browns so it’s still pink in the middle. I know that doesn’t matter. It’s still cooked but when you’ve spent your childhood avoiding eating meat that’s pink in the middle it messes with your head a little. Because of that it’s not my favourite burger but it’s a solid choice. Especially at the price.

Of course I couldn’t just stop at the burgers. While I was in there I picked up four dishes from the Mumbai Street Co range. 4 for £2. Why not? The rice in the range has milk in it so instead I made some in the Instant Pot to go with my selections. Let’s start it’s the Tandoori Shashlik. Because it’s worth starting with. Packed to bursting full of lovely veggies in a rich sauce. The bhajis, apparently from Calcutta, are crisp and satisfying.

Next up I piled Gobi Dhansak and Chennai Dhal onto a plate. The Chennai Dhal is good, I can’t say a bad word about it. The Gobi Dhansak however is amazing. Perfect sweet and sour sauce, lentils and more of that lovely, lovely veg. There’s some good stuff in Iceland right now and I’m happy to support them as they’ve made a commitment to reducing plastic packaging and have a yummy vegetable Dhansak.

3 thoughts on “Review: No Bull Burgers and Other Iceland Vegan Treats

    1. Clare

      Yeah it’s a frozen food shop. Unfortunately I have no idea about the Iceland (the country) vegan Burger scene, but if I ever find out you’ll see it here first 😉

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  1. Bizarrely, there’s one branch of Iceland in Prague! I’ve never been, but I hear it sells some British foods (like Maltesers, which all the expats get very excited about), so I might finally check them out and see if these burgers (or any other vegan goods) have made it here.


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