Review: Curious Kitchen (Brixham)

The Curious Kitchen is a bit of a big deal in Vegan Torbay but as it’s the other side of the bay I haven’t had chance to go before. Famous for its good coffee and innovative menu I took the excuse to pop in on my way back from a visit. I thought just before lunch was a good time to go in. I was in a bit of a rush and thought it wouldn’t be too busy. I was wrong. The place was packed but I managed to squeeze in. And it was a squeeze. The tables where so packed together that I was back to back with the table behind me. The staff had to ask us to move to get through to the second row of tables and a very large dog kept nudging at my elbow for food.

I ordered Corn and Chilli fritters, delicious though I couldn’t taste much chilli. The radish, capers and cucumbers really lightened things up. I washed it down with a fresh green smoothie and ran out of the door. The cafe is located just across from my bus stop and the bus was about to leave. Whoops. Next time I’m going to leave myself a bit more time.

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