Cook For Your Best Friend: Vegan Mofo Day 25

We actually had some of our best friends over last night for a vegan food and make up night so this prompt comes with incredibly good timing. Also the nails that I’m typing this post with look fabulous.

Arroz Con Seitan

I like to use people coming over as an excuse to cook something I can’t ordinarily get away with. I’ll cook something like cannelloni which would otherwise be too elaborate or something that Kate doesn’t like but comes in too large a serving to manage by myself. Arroz Con Seitan from Viva Vegan fit the bill last night. As a handy bonus it also looks fabulous when you pull the lid off to reveal the olive and caper studded rice. As a cook you have to appreciate a dish that’s cooked in one pot but manages to incorporate so many flavors. Between the sofrito, the olives, the tomatoes… you’re just going to have a very happy tummy.

Taco Bar

But how to accommodate my very best of bestest friends? Well I know Kate likes the Chicken Taco filling made from Linda McCartney Pulled Chicken (the very first recipe on the blog!) So why not do a little bit of a taco bar too? We had shredded lettuce, avocado, sauces, and those cute little taco shell boat things because I saw them and thought they were adorable. Combined it all made a delicious, filling, flavourful meal.

Plate Full


2 thoughts on “Cook For Your Best Friend: Vegan Mofo Day 25

  1. Everything looks so good, but the arroz con seitan looks extra delicious! I’ve never tried the Linda McCartney pulled chicken (or any pulled chicken, come to think of it), it sounds great.


    1. Clare

      It really depends on how you cook it. It’s a soggy mess in a curry for instance and if you don’t add water in the late stages of cooking it’s just shards of chicken. Still if you treat it right it’s pretty yum.


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