Secret Ingredient: Vegan Mofo Day 10

I couldn’t pick just one so here are my top five flavour enhancers:

Liquid Smoke

liquid smoke

Can someone tell me why liquid smoke is not more readily available in the UK? If you haven’t tried it then all you need to know is that liquid smoke is smoke that is collected in condensers. Smoke in Liquid form. It’s that simple and using it is simple too. You can throw it into chills, sauces, marinades. And we all know smoked things taste better.

White Miso


White miso is a star. As well as using it in Japanese cooking you can also use it to make things taste creamy and cheesy. I use it in my Tomato Rissoto. If you are in the UK stay away from Clearspring. It’s gross.

Smoked Salt

cornish sea

Smoked Salt is way more accessible in the UK than liquid smoke. Obviously it’s salt that has been smoked. Use it where you would use salt. I like to put it on veggies before steaming them.

Toasted Sesame Oil


Use as a finishing touch. I like to think of toasted sesame oil as the magic ingredient that makes stir fries and fried rice taste incredible. One step that can really elevate your cooking.

Worcestershire Sauce


Regular Worcestershire sauce has anchovies so look for the veggie version. When you you find it though you’ll never be happier. Here in England we use it to give simple meals a bit of pep. Shake it into your baked beans, or on cheese on toast. Or try it in a veganised Yakisoba.

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