Reinventing The Veggie Option: Vegan Mofo Day 1

I went away for a multi day event this summer. It was fully catered and to be fair they did a great job. Only it got a little repetitive. Lunch on day one was a jalapeño hummus roll. I liked that I didn’t get standard sliced white bread and that the hummus had a little extra flavour. The second day my hummus came on white bread but had some roasted red pepper flavour. On the last day I got chopped raw onion on my hummus sandwich. 

So after that crash course in hummus sandwiches I developed a few opinions about how to do it right.

  1. No sliced white bread. I love a good Warburtons Toastie as much as the next person but when filling your sandwich with chickpea spread you want to use something with a bit more bite. Something crusty. At least something with seeds.
  2. Use veggies to add texture. Also they are nutritious or something. Unless you have access to a tooth brush you might want to stay away from raw onions. You might want to go for greens, sprouts, greated carrot, red pepper… crunchy is good.
  3. Flavoured hummus makes life less monotonous. Plain hummus is great but when you get given the same thing for every meal ever you start to feel like you never want to see it again. Today’s modern supermarket stock all kinds of flavours. Use them to keep from going mad.

Today’s hummus sandwich is on a crusty seedy roll, comes with baby spinach and has a spicy jalapeño flavour. 

One thought on “Reinventing The Veggie Option: Vegan Mofo Day 1

  1. Once I went for an afternoon tea that promised three different sandwich fillings – one was plain hummus, one was hummus with a piece of roasted pepper, and the last was hummus with rocket. Yawn! Flavoured hummus is a definite step in the right direction!


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