Papa Johns Arrives in Torquay and A Defence of Chain Pizza

The first time I saw a Papa Johns I wondered what the point was. Within walking distance there were two other pizza places nearby. Two amazing local places with fantastic pizza. Of course that was before I vegetarian, never mind vegan. And before I moved to TQ1. If a chain that offers vegan food wants to move in I’m not going to complain.

Can I have all of the veggies but none of the cheese?

When we got back from Skye we were tired and lacked food in the cupboards. A perfect time for a take away. All I needed to do was add toppings, remove cheese (in that order or it doesn’t work) and wait for delivery.

Shortly before this revolution in Torre’s pizza scene there was another one. We have Deliveroo now. Both Rock Garden and Pizza Express are available through them. You can only order from the menu at Pizza Express so that means the Vegan Giardiniera. This has the benefit of vegan cheese but it could really have done with something like… twice as many toppings. Or three times. I’m not picky, just hungry.

Unfortunately comes without tripod thing

I’m pretty happy with my delivery pizza options these days. Though I’d be jumping for joy if more local places offered vegan options. I love the vegan cheese that Pizza Express offers but in terms of coustomizing your toppings and value for money Papa Johns comes out ahead. I’m not sure what I think of the Special Garlic sauce though…

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