Vegan On The Go: Torquay Style

Since Jeremy Corbyn didn’t come out as a vegan the Guardian has stepped up it’s game with veganism articles. We got two on Tuesday. One of them was called Vegan On The Go: high-street options that make an animal-free diet easy. It’s by Alexis Gauthier. It does not contain one suggestion that would work in Torquay. We don’t have Pret, our M&S and Sainsburys are out of town. No Leon, no Benugo. And all of the options are salad. Except the one that suggests going into a supermarket for a pot of humus.

This does not make an animal-free diet seem easy. Or appetising. Or possible outside London. So I’m going to present my list to you. Vegan On The Go. Food available on Fleet Walk to Upper Union Street. That you can eat while walking, waiting for a bus or in complete violation of the no eating signs of the bus. Grab and go only, nothing that requires a special order. This is a list for those of us in a rush.

Starbucks: A few options available but the Kale, Jalapeno and Slaw Wrap is my favourite.

I really did take this picture on a bus

Cafe Nero: A couple of wraps.

Tesco: There are lots of little bits and bobs you can find in the chiller at the front. There’s hummus and veggies, prepared fruit, and, my to go snack everywhere, vegetable samosa.

Love in Pastry

Warrens: Pastys. This is my favourite option. And I know I’ve written about them before but I love them.  Get yourself a Pasty from Warrens to fill you up. They’re fab.

Boots: I haven’t tried it yet but there’s a vegan salad pot.

So there are five genuinely quick and easy options for a  vegan lunch you don’t even need to think about. If you’re in Torquay.



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