Vegan Pasty Options At Warrens

One of the benefits of living in Devon is that it is very close to Cornwall. When we feel the need for gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches and amazing coastal walk we can just hop across the border. Sometimes we do get things coming over our side of the Tamar though and if we are lucky those things are bakeries.

Traditional Vegan

Most of them don’t do much for vegans but Warrens Bakery offers not just one but three vegan pasty options and even a vegan sweet. We popped into the Torquay branch to pick up some lunch. The day we visited they had the Vegan Thai Green and the Traditional Vegan. We got one of each, split them in half and here is the verdict.

Thai Green

The Traditional Vegan is Warrens’ vegan version of the Traditional Cornish Pasty. It has no beef but all of the good stuff: nice big chunks of well cooked root vegetables and plenty of pepper. This one was my favourite. Simple but perfect. Vegan Thai Green is Kate’s favourite. It’s bursting full of fresh vegetables in a sauce of coconut, spice and everything nice. Not too much chilli for Kate.

We’re really happy that we can get delicious vegan pasties right on the high street. If you are in the West Country pop in and pick one up.

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