Bury Vegan Fair

I got the chance to go up north and visit my family this past weekend. You know what that means. Vegan Fair in a whole different county! I mean… yay family!

The North being the North there was plenty of proper grub. There were also crystal stalls, animal charity stalls, really cool candles and other things I can’t afford in my new jobless state. Food I can justify a little more though. So let’s buy lots of it.

As I was staying at my Dads I couldn’t buy a lot to take home but I did get a couple of bags of vegan kebab from Veggie-Rae (and visiting their cafe in the centre of Bury is on my list for next visit) to drag back to Torquay. I couldn’t resist buying their take on one of my pregan favourites though. They have a cheese and onion pie! My only complaint is that it didn’t come with chips and curry. Salt and vinegar.

A woman can’t live on cheese and onion pie alone. So why not get a BBQ jackfruit wrap. This one was made by Parallel 7 and it was lovely. While I was waiting outside I heard a bloke talking about a fabulous mock duck dish. I had mine on top of noodles and I was very happy.

Bury vegan fair had a great energy and some good grub. If it comes back next year I may just have to “visit my family”

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