The Vegan Kind July Box

We’ve had enough time with our Vegan Kind box to share with you our thoughts about the products. I was really excited by the snack selections in this one. Let’s break it down.

VITL Essentials Vegan Vitamin One Day Trial


Initially I was interested. We take a daily B12 and I’m looking for a D to take once summer ends. I’m also considering throwing in an Omega 3. But unfortunately this isn’t a package of sensible supplements. There is a Multivitamin, which contains 10 micrograms of Methylcobalamin for your B12 needs (for comparison the Vegan RD recommends 25-100 micrograms of the more stable cyanocobalamin) There is an Omega 3. There is a calcium and magnesium tablet for ‘energy’. Last and also least is the Supergreens tablet with powdered and dried trendy vegetables, like turmeric and bilberry, without any indication of what nutrients you will get there. Not at all a solution to my supplementing needs.

Each days worth of vitamins comes individually wrapped (in plastic) then a whole weeks supply gets wrapped in supper cute but super wasteful packaging. Seven days later they give you that much wrapping again. And although the vegan omega 3 comes from kelp they also sell omega 3 from krill. So environmentally damaging.

We didn’t even use the sample for this one.

Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites with Sesame Seeds


Our biases are coming out here. Kate doesn’t like sesame and I’m not a fan of desiccated coconut. We tried one before passing them on to friends who are coconut sesame fans. They enjoyed them.

Not for us.

Bute Island Creamy Cheddar Style Spread


We’re not big fans of vegan cheeses that use coconut oil as a base but I found this to be a good, solid, cream cheese. I couldn’t eat too much because coconut oil sits funny on my tummy but a little spread on crackers is a good thing. I’m not getting the cheddar flavour though. Think I prefer the original.

Might pick one up now and again.

Chocolate Cream Filled Organic Croissant


So close to being perfect it hurts. The pastry, the part everyone thinks is impossible for vegans, was spot on. The chocolate cream was lovely. But (sorry) the citrus and cinnamon flavours were, in my pastry obsessed opinion, too strong for a Croissant.

Wouldn’t go out of my way but I’d pick one up if I saw one.

The Feel Good Drinks Co Refreshingly Still Orange, Mango and Water


When we got our box I’d just got off train. In the middle of summer. I needed hydration but I wasn’t certain water would get the taste of ick out of my mouth. I thought of mango juice but on it’s own its a bit thick. And then I thought – no word of a lie – that a mix of water, orange and mango would hit the spot. Seriously. That’s what I was thinking when I opened the box. I waited a day so it could chill in the fridge before I finally drunk it though. It was brill.

Pick one up every chance I get.

Super Moons Cheese and Onion Lentil Puffs


Little balls of cheese and onion! Awesome. One complaint. There isn’t enough in a bag. Especially as I was sharing with Kate.

Yes please.

Foods Of Athenry Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Caramel Rocky Road Bar


Kate stole this. She reports that it was very nice, like a chocolate fridge cake.

I’d say I’d eat this again but I never got to try it in the first place.

Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears Impulse Bag


The best vegan jelly sweets I have ever had. Bar none. They have just the right amount of bite (remember to bite the heads off first to minimise bear suffering) and taste amazing. They are flavoured with fruit juice but in a decadent way rather than a token healthy option sort of way. I think I might revise my opinion of these. They are the best sweets I’ve ever had.

I want to order a crate of these!

We always love trying new products and this month’s The Vegan Kind box was just fabulous.






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